Work Experience Arrangements

Information on the Education Authority's Work Experience Arrangements & Policies. 

The Education Authority Work Experience Arrangements aim to allow post Work Experience Image
primary schools to work in partnership with organisations and employers to
ensure that pupils’ participation in work experience programmes is well managed, organised and safe. The arrangements are based on evolved good practice.

Work Experience Arrangements for Controlled, Maintained & Irish Medium Schools

The board of governors in controlled, maintained and Irish medium schools offering work experience programmes must adopt these arrangements and agree a school policy that meets the individual needs of all pupils in their care.

It is the responsibility of the school to organise, manage, and administer work experience placements and be satisfied that they adhere to these arrangements including the completion and retention of the appropriate forms. Controlled, maintained and Irish medium schools will be required to make information available to the Education Authority on request in the event that a claim or legal proceedings arise.

Last updated: 03/02/2020